Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Crushes! :P Yippe my fav! :P

I ve seen thousands of gals spoken wid a few hundred of em but the feeling of getting butterflies in ur stomach wen u see a person or the person sees u can be defined as luv! But crush s actually not a feeling its an experience which ppl shld ve to exp! I ve had quite a exp like tat! Am gonna share u all those now!

Well My first crush :
Any guesses? Sixth std (Nangella pinjulaye palutha palam :P)
It was on one of my clasmate! :P We used to sit in d same row next to each other and used to talk lot of things during class hours . She helped me out lot academically but my bad luck she changed her school the next year itself and i was moved to another section :( sob sob :(

Second Yippe d best one! : Ma Colg Mate ! am not lettin d name out for security reasons! :P It was in the third year that i saw her she was in her second year of colg! The oly one to whim i ve not spoken a word yet but admired her from safe distance! ( Again Safety :P) She was cute and i mean it coz i neva say any gal cute so easily! and she ll be my fav forever! I ve seen her in close quaters occasionaly and guys she was so heavenly beau!

Sigh! :( and my life goes on! In the thot of these 2 ladies! :)

Pin Kuripu: Not always appovachu bore adikum bodu taa idunga 3 a pathi nenapain!

Yenna nambala nambi oru kootamae iruku la! :P


Friday, August 13, 2010


Long time back on a lazy saturday morning i found these cute angels standing close to my window! Boy were they cute! :) and i happened to take a few pics of them which i am posting now! Hope u ppl enjoy!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Back Again! :)

Back to blogging! :) ya been a year since i posted! Life has changed lots since then! Managed to find a job and yeah enjoying it and found friends! Life is goin great!!! !!! ~ ~ !! :) :) :)