Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Crushes! :P Yippe my fav! :P

I ve seen thousands of gals spoken wid a few hundred of em but the feeling of getting butterflies in ur stomach wen u see a person or the person sees u can be defined as luv! But crush s actually not a feeling its an experience which ppl shld ve to exp! I ve had quite a exp like tat! Am gonna share u all those now!

Well My first crush :
Any guesses? Sixth std (Nangella pinjulaye palutha palam :P)
It was on one of my clasmate! :P We used to sit in d same row next to each other and used to talk lot of things during class hours . She helped me out lot academically but my bad luck she changed her school the next year itself and i was moved to another section :( sob sob :(

Second Yippe d best one! : Ma Colg Mate ! am not lettin d name out for security reasons! :P It was in the third year that i saw her she was in her second year of colg! The oly one to whim i ve not spoken a word yet but admired her from safe distance! ( Again Safety :P) She was cute and i mean it coz i neva say any gal cute so easily! and she ll be my fav forever! I ve seen her in close quaters occasionaly and guys she was so heavenly beau!

Sigh! :( and my life goes on! In the thot of these 2 ladies! :)

Pin Kuripu: Not always appovachu bore adikum bodu taa idunga 3 a pathi nenapain!

Yenna nambala nambi oru kootamae iruku la! :P


Friday, August 13, 2010


Long time back on a lazy saturday morning i found these cute angels standing close to my window! Boy were they cute! :) and i happened to take a few pics of them which i am posting now! Hope u ppl enjoy!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Back Again! :)

Back to blogging! :) ya been a year since i posted! Life has changed lots since then! Managed to find a job and yeah enjoying it and found friends! Life is goin great!!! !!! ~ ~ !! :) :) :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Chennai --- Heaven on Earth part-2

Well i was talkin abt Chennai... nd i ve told tat i see all metros in Chennai .. am gonna justify it now... nw talkin abt d other metros.. say mumbai its caled d "New York " of India.. which is unique in its own aspect.. Banglore is d "silicon valley of india " coz of d software companies present... Delhi(old nd new) has many monuments present nd it has a strong tradition of being a National Capital.. I don ve anythin to say abt Kolkota ... except for d ppl ther hu r very passionate in watever they do... All the aspects which i ve mentioned is in Chennai.. Very unique in every aspect... Contributin to a junk of d contry GDP Chennai has many software companies hu ve International Devolepment centers in Chennai... not to forget tat it is d capital of TN nd until late 90's was d most prefered destination to settle in south india... talkon abt d ppl of chennai they r d most helpful in INDIA provided u know tamil :-p das a thing chennai needs to work on.. make sure ppl know atleast basic hindi.... Wherever in ths world i go i wud neva forget chennai coz this s d place which wud remain close ma heart... cye in next post.. interestin post..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chennai --- Heaven on Earth

Well after a long time i ve found somethin useful to post ... yes am gonna talk abt d place whr i ve spent 21 long years... Since today (22-8) being Chennai day this post wud be relevant... :) Well i ve spend all my lifetime til date in this wonderful city called Madras.. oops sry.. Chennai... It is in the recent past d city has seen many changes... I feel really proud to b a Chennai Vaasi coz it is only Chennai which has managed to keep its old tradition intact nd has also managed to adopt to the changes happenin..... :) Nalla intro kuduthachu... enna ezhudum nu therila...
Hmmm... Well i belong to d generation in which Madras had slowly transformed into Chennai...
Lemme tell about my prospective of Madras nd Chennai...
The town of Dosa nd Idli... nd d place which has d 2nd longest natural beach.. were the trademarks of this good old city called Madras... oh forgot d most important thing Tamil Movie World "kollywood" which once was known to produce India's best talent... Apart frm this Madras was known as d "Detroit of India" coz it had many automobile industries... Apart frm tat.. Madras was known for d Temples it had.. btw did anyone know??? Madras had its own TRAM service untill early 1960's... The Marina nd d statues present were landmarks of MADRAS.... A metropolis wid less traffic ,active nd happy ppl all around were d trademarks of MADRAS........
Madras had started to transform into a big metropolis in d early 90's.... Spenzer plaza d first shoppin mall in this city was another landmark ....... Madras was geographically small compared to Chennai..... The famous areas in madras were Kodambakkam ,Triplicane , Parrys , Mylapore,Nungambakkam and Guindy.. Talkin abt guindy .. this place was primarily an industrial estate created to accomidate all private offices nd central govt run offices...... Well das it abt MADRAS..

1996 was d year wen Madras was renamed as Chennai.... Along wid d change of name came change in d entire appearence of d city....... Gone those deserted roads.. There was a sudden change which was evident.... There were this new overbridges springing up almost everywhere..... Not to forget the IT revolution in which Chennai was d next best destination after Banglore.. nd ppl... Companies prefered Banglore only coz of d climate ther..... The best brains in India were here... this might seem a little chauvinistic but this s d truth... Gone r those days wher u cud only find Idly , dosa nd Sambar.. chennai has many hotels which provides wide varity of food stuufs ranging frm pizza , chinese, contenental nd burgers.. but there r places like d Saravana bhavan which stil provide stiff competition to these places... Chennai s still d "Detroit of India" and wil continue to remain so... Wid BMW , hyundai , Mahindra and a few other companies having their manufacturing plants here..... Then comin to d important thing called infrastructure... Having the most best bridges nd flyovers(Kathipara) to its credit chennai can challenge any other international city in this aspect... The ECR first ever private road construction project... is truly a landmark to Chennai..... The recently opened RajivGandhi road is another feather to Chennai's cap... The one thing which makes chennai more spl is things happen planned here.. Improvement might be slow but every move is planned to avoid d chaois in other cities.......
The MTC bus service is one of d best in India....Oh forgot d most imp thing.. CMBT the largest bus terminus in South Asia is in Chennai..... I ve been to other cities in India jus for tours.. in my observation Chennai has the charecteristics of all d metros in India.. Hotspots of Chn: Taramani, Mount Road ,Marina, Besant Nagar beach, ECR, OMR many more...
post to be continued...