Monday, August 31, 2009

Chennai --- Heaven on Earth part-2

Well i was talkin abt Chennai... nd i ve told tat i see all metros in Chennai .. am gonna justify it now... nw talkin abt d other metros.. say mumbai its caled d "New York " of India.. which is unique in its own aspect.. Banglore is d "silicon valley of india " coz of d software companies present... Delhi(old nd new) has many monuments present nd it has a strong tradition of being a National Capital.. I don ve anythin to say abt Kolkota ... except for d ppl ther hu r very passionate in watever they do... All the aspects which i ve mentioned is in Chennai.. Very unique in every aspect... Contributin to a junk of d contry GDP Chennai has many software companies hu ve International Devolepment centers in Chennai... not to forget tat it is d capital of TN nd until late 90's was d most prefered destination to settle in south india... talkon abt d ppl of chennai they r d most helpful in INDIA provided u know tamil :-p das a thing chennai needs to work on.. make sure ppl know atleast basic hindi.... Wherever in ths world i go i wud neva forget chennai coz this s d place which wud remain close ma heart... cye in next post.. interestin post..

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